Our Story

The Symbionic Company Aims to improve the quality of life for amputees by building high end, cost-effective
assistive technology

How It Began:

The Symbionic Company is the brainchild of Rishi Krishna, a 24-year-old entrepreneur who works with his team to build bionic arms for the disabled people. The idea is to build custom-made bionic arms for people at a very affordable cost with the help of artificial intelligence to help them overcome their sense of loss, be more confident about themselves and feel empowered.

Rishi lost his right forearm in a catastrophic accident. This unfortunate incident changed his life in a matter of a few months. After his prolonged treatment procedures, he began his search for prosthetic and came face to face with a grim reality that the prosthetic are not only expensive but are also not built to cater the needs of the user. After a lot of conversation with the prosthetic companies, he could not find a prosthetic that fit his category. Every amputee irrespective of the nature of his/her amputation is given the same type of bionic arm.

He wanted to find a solution to this, he started with research and discussions about it with experts and decided to build one for himself. He wants to create a bionic arm that can be custom-made for people, unlike something that would take a hefty sum from their pockets and give a product that hardly meets the needs of the user. He wants to make it intuitive and reliable for the user so that he/she can feel it as an extension of one’s own hand and also make it affordable to the general masses.

A venture like this would not be possible without the expertise and a passionate team.

Hari, an ex-Qualcomm Engineer leads the tech team along with Adithya, Niranjan and Manish who also share the same vision as Rishi.

The Symbionic Company now has an incubatee at VIT University, Vellore who are providing them with the tech resources necessary to begin this new venture.

The Nidhi Prayas Grant is supporting the R&D required to initiate the project. Well begun is half done, but they need to raise more funds to get the project going and take the product to the market.

Rishi and his friends are aiming to get a prototype ready after which they are aiming to work with a minimum of ten patients from the underprivileged background as their pilot test group. They aim at building customized bionic arms for all the ten patients for free of cost. All this would just remain a dream if they don’t have enough funding.
We are looking forward to your valuable contribution in making this idea a reality and give the power of self-reliance back to those who deserve. You can help us bring back the hope in lives by contributing what you can to this project.

The Symbionic Company is now an incubatee at VIT University, Vellore- who are providing them with the tech resources necessary to begin this new venture.

Along with The Nidhi Prayas Grant by the DST(Dept. of Science and Technology) which is supporting the R&D required to build the hand.

Meet the Team

Highly talented team delivering exceptional result

Hari Haran

Founder, COO
Instrumentation and Control Engineering B. Tech, NIT Trichy.

Reach him —> hari@thesymbionic.com

As a co-head (previously a member) of Spider R&D club in NIT-Trichy, Hari Haran has a plethora of experience working on embedded systems, robotics and computer vision projects. For the last 2.5
years he has been working as a Systems and Post-Si VI Engineer in Qualcomm – defining, engineering and lab testing Qualcomm’s first Hardware-Software Integrated Li-Ion Battery Gauging Solution.

Rishi Krishna

Founder, CEO
Founded Tungstn. Social Worker. Design.

Rishi Krishna is a young entrepreneur, social worker and co-founder of Tungstn- a design and digital agency based out of Chennai.
Since December of 2015, Rishi has been passionately engaged towards creating an impact in the society by solving real-world problems creatively.