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Let's love our differences


The road to recovery for an amputee is painful and distressing. Access to advanced prosthesis remains a major problem due to unjust high costs. The Prosthetic industry follows a “One Size Fits All’ approach. This results in an unaesthetic and un-intuitive product. Thus, failing to reinstate the confidence and functionality of the amputee.
Assistive Technology should be affordable and accessible to all. We at Symbionic are working to make functional prostheses, an affordable reality.
Our product – An affordable high-utility prosthetic arm for upper limb amputees.
Our vision is to improve the quality of life of amputees, to ensure the differences don’t become a barrier.
Lets love our differences.

Our Product

The Team

We are a team passionate about assistive technology. We intend on using our skills to build affordable and accessible solutions.
We are Symbionic

Rishi Krishna

Founder & CEO

Hari Haran M

Co-Founder & CTO

Niranjan Kumar


Adithya SP



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